Purchase, receipt and/or use of a Crevier gift card constitutes acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. Parkland Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates may change such terms and conditions from time to time at their sole discretion and without prior notice. Such modifications shall become binding when published online on Crevier website.

  • This gift card has no value prior to its sale and activation.

  • This gift card is redeemable only for fuel and authorized goods and services at participating Crevier branded service stations.

  • This gift card is not a credit card, debit card, asset account or a deposit account and cannot be redeemed for cash (except in jurisdictions where it is permitted by law).

  • No refund will be available.

  • This gift card cannot be replaced if lost or stolen and authorized use of this card is the sole responsibility of the owner.

  • Cards provided for promotional purposes may contain an expiry date if allowed by law. If no date is shown, then the gift card will not expire.

  • Protect like cash.

  • The balance of Crevier gift cards can be checked at participating Crevier branded service stations or online at

Customer service:

1-877-906-6644 or [email protected]